Here's the low-down:

If you want to build your list and grow your brand by getting booked on 10+podcasts then this Google doc will show you how.

I put a workshop together called “The High Converting Podcast Pitch”

It’s called “The High Converting Podcast Pitch” because you are going to achieve a simple outcome:

Write a high-converting podcast pitch script that gets you booked on more than 10+ podcasts a month.

And I’m going to show you how to do this in less than 30-minutes.

The best part is you won’t have to spend $10k+ on a booking agent and you’ll still have a pitch that out-converts them by 3x.

Even if you are completely nameless and brandless right now, my podcast pitching framework will turn you from a complete stranger to a resounding “YES”

And you’ll do that with a single cold pitch.

Over and over again.

Here are some results from using this system:

-Chase (a fitness coach) was able to get booked on 11 of her first 22 podcasts she pitched.

-Aaron (a hypnotherapist) got booked on a show with 50k+ subscribers on his first pitch.

-John (A book writing coach) got booked on first two shows he pitched, one with 200 five-star reviews on Spotify and the other has an audience of over 130,000

-Olivia (A fractional COO) got booked on 5 out of the first 8 shows she pitched.

- Nancy (A book publisher) landed 15 interviews in her first month.

- Steve (A business coach) booked 30 podcasts and made over $100k in new clients from his interviews.

And I’ve personally used this to get booked on top ranking shows like:

● Get Authentic with Marques Ogden (Top 1.5%)

● Inner Edison By Ed Parcaut (Top 1%)

● The Mind Body Business Show with Brian Kelly (Top 1.5%)

● Straight Talk No Sugar Added with Neena Perez (Top 1.5%)

● Daily Path with Joe Winters Jr. (Top .5%)

● Marketing Smarts from MarketingProfs (Top 1%)

● Beyond The Rut (Top 1%)

● Education On Fire (Top 2%)

And over 100 more.

We did this by packaging our expertise and personal story into an irresistible pitch, and then we sent these pitches directly to the email of the host.

This will work for you too if you have an expertise to share with the worldand aren’t afraid to put yourself out there.You will get everything you need to make this work.

Here’s what’s inside “The High Converting Podcast Pitch”

● The pitch template that will turn your personal story and expertise intoa pitch so good it makes hosts feel stupid for saying no (I’ve mastered the framework, got booked on hundreds of shows and havehelped many others crush it - NOBODY teaches this.)

● The “Hypnotic” secret to landing more than 35% of and up to 50% of the podcast pitches that you send - even if you are a complete nobody with no credibility in the industry (Hollywood directors are masters are doing this)

● Why “Podcast one sheets” are likely ruining your chances of getting booked (and what to use instead.)

● The WORST Way to pitch a podcast (Unfortunately, this is taught by all the podcast pitching experts out there.)

● How to “win over” the host and become an audience favorite.

● What many guests do at the end of a podcast that obliterates their chances of making sales from the interview they just spent 30 minutes to an hour recording.

● Frameworks, examples and templates galore and more.

Now...if I were you...

I'd imagine you've gotta buncha questions.Where and When?

It’s open right now.

At the end of this document you will see how to get access.

How Does It Work:

I only want to work with people who are willing to put themselves out there.

You also have to have an expertise to offer.

This ain’t a 8 hour long ‘course’ where you have to dig up loads of time inyour busy schedule to watch videos.I’ll give you bite sized chunks you can knock out in a few minutes a day.

All you need to do is implement and follow instructions, the bookings willhappen.

How much time do I need to implement this?

If you want to get booked on 10-20 podcasts a month like I did then it’ll take you about 1-2 hours a week.

If you want to get booked on say...5 a month, then an hour or less a week.

The training itself is also less than an hour, so you can get through it quickly.

You will have a full pitch written by the end of this workshop.

How much time do I need to implement this?

And at the risk of writing a pretty long document, I'm going to answer some other questions I'm sure you have below.

Who is “The High Converting Podcast Pitch” for?

If you are a coach, consultant, author or some expert based business owner who...

...Is certain you have a great offer...

...But not many people know about you...

...this will help you get your name out there and drive more of the right traffic to your offers and grow your personal brand.

Sound like you?

Then this is for you.

Can I hand this process over to a team member?


In fact, I have a VA doing my research for me and I trained somebody to pitch on my behalf.

Most of the people who write their pitches using this process just hand it off to somebody on their team to actually execute.

What if this doesn’t work for me?

The reality is this...

If you are a coach, consultant or some sort of expert who has real value tooffer and you follow every single step of the process down to a T... you willget results.


This stuff works. 

So if it doesn't work for you then it means you aren't doing it.

If you are the type to buy stuff and not do anything with it, don't buy this.

This is for movers and shakers only.

Are there any bonuses?

You bet,

A few actually.

First, I’m also going to give you free access to my “High Converting Lead Magnet” training, which will show you how to build a free offer that you’ll be making at the end of your interviews (which is how  you’re going to pull buyers into your funnels).

This is going to be crucial for your success with my process.

Secondly, you will also get access to a 9-minute and 43-second video that walks you through the step-by-step process I use to turn my podcast interviews into profitable “Joint Ventures” (With scripts and all)

And lastly, and most importantly, you will get access to my training

“How To Turn Your Podcast Interviews Into Evergreen Marketing Funnels”

This is a video that will show you exactly how to approach each interview ina way that pulls in paying customers long after each episode is released.

All of these are yours for free when you join The High-Converting Podcast Pitch Workshop.

What’s The Investment?

If you’re an expert based business owner and you’re not already guesting on podcasts, then you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

With that said...

Your investment for “The High-Converting Podcast Pitch Workshop” is a small one-time payment of $297.

And if you’re wondering why I’m doing it so cheap, here’s why:

I see so many people forking out $5k or more to hire “Podcast booking agencies” only to see little to no progress in their business.

The truth is you do not need to hire a booking agency. 

You can do this for yourself and get better results.

So, I’m not going to charge thousands of dollars and go against myself.

This is something I wish I had when I started, and now I want it to be as accessible as possible to as many people.

Plus, with the results you get with this, you’ll want to buy even more stuff from me down the line.Is there a guarantee?


If you don't get booked on at least 5-shows with your first 20 pitches, then I will give you a full refund.

Plain and simple.

I will ask you to prove to me you pitched that many people too, and if for some reason something isn’t working I’ll give you a full refund.

There are no refunds if you can’t prove to me that you pitched at least 20 shows though.

If you do not follow instructions or implement the process then I will not honor a refund.

Plain and simple.

How do I get a spot?

If you've read the questions above and meet the requirements just tap the blue link below, fill in your info, complete your order and then check your email for access to the workshop.

I'm In! Take My Money!